Your friendly neighbourhood RadMen.

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Friends for nearly 20 years, Winifrey and Stevie were first brought together by their love of basketball. Playing on numerous teams and going to school together, their chemistry was undeniable. Fast forward to 2013, both Stevie and Win each started to dabble in photography as a creative outlet, which ultimately brought them together again. 

Radical Gentlemen Creative was born out of their their collective passion for capturing moments, coupled with their immense love of meeting new people and shooting the shit. The RadMen are known for their ability to make people comfortable in front of the lens (a shot of tequila usually does the trick), and they have a knack for capturing people's essence in the moment. Beyond that, Stevie and Win each love a good sweat sesh, always dance like no one's watching, and are guilty of a cheesy dad joke here and there.

Proud to be Calgary's first lululemon cultural ambassadors - when not behind their cameras, you can catch the guys immersed in the Calgary scene, either catching a live music jam, enjoying a craft cocktail, or at your local fitness studio.